I believe that gum disease is the most annoying pain to overcome in our little ones. For this reason we have decided to offer our new teether with the possibility of inserting refrigerated fruit inside.

A nice relief for our babies!

Try our Teether Fresh Fruit Pacifier by PERÓ™

Teether Fresh Fruit Pacifier

Immediate Relief For Your Baby

The child receives relief thanks to the possibility of inserting cubes of frozen fruit into teether's chambre. In this way, the action of the cold is added to chewing, which acts as a mild analgesic on the part, giving immediate and more lasting relief.


Safe Materials

The teether is made of food-grade silicone, a soft and gentle material on the gums, very resistant to bites and easy to sanitize. Non-toxic PP plastic is used to make the handle. The product is free of BPA and other substances potentially harmful to the baby's health.

Safe Materials
Teether easy to clean.

Easy To Clean

Being able to clean the teether quickly is a fundamental aspect. The teether can be placed in the sterilizer or washed in boiling water. It can also be washed with warm water and bicarbonate.


I first used this teether for breastmilk popsicles and my daughter loved it! I would just pour some breastmilk in the cap of the feeder and put in the freezer, then chop it up into pieces and shove in there. I like that it’s super easy to clean. Great size for little baby hands to use. Tonight we put a peach in it and it was a huge hit! She absolutely loved it. Highly recommend!

Geny P. -

Bought for my baby grandchildren. Already recommended to other parents/grandparents.
The teat is large enough to hold a grape or baby tomato (cut up) so baby chews (or gums!) to get the juice and flesh through the holes. Prevents juice going everywhere and keeps skin and pips in the rest. Handle large enough for little hands to hold and control. The teat becomes discoloured from food but can be easily washed and sterilised.
Ideal introduction to weaning and also helps with teething.

Barbara S. -

I love this teether! More importantly, my daughter also loves it! She is five months old and may be teething. These fruit feeders are amazing! I make my daughter baby food with banana and avocado and put it inside and let it freeze.
It’s an excellent feeder to give babies there fruits and veggies and also helps there mouth too if there teething. It’s the perfect portion size. My baby doesn’t have an issue holding it from the handle and putting it in her mouth. This is awesome also for hand and eye coordination that helps babies use it as well. This is a lifesaver!

Anna A. -

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