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4-in-1 Child Climbing


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Four-in-one feature: This colorful four-in-one game set offers four functions: a smooth slide, a sturdy swing, a basketball hoop, a ferrule, and is suitable for outdoor use in the home and home. All active elements are the size of a child.
Rugged: This bright, colorful four-in-one game set is made from durable, non-toxc HDPE material so your child can slide safely. This bright and colorful four-in-one game device can accompany your child until he grows up.
Smooth slides and safe swings: The children’s slides have a gentle slope and the easy-to-climb steps provide a smooth slide for your baby. The entire slide rals are connected smoothly and have no edges for the baby’s smooth skin.
Basketball stand and bag: The basketball stand is designed according to the European and American style, which is very suitable for your little athlete to play basketball. When you don’t want to use it, you can easily delete it.
Easy to assemble: This colorful four-in-one game set can be assembled quickly and, according to the instructions, components can be easily assembled in just a few steps. Includes all the necessary hardware and no complicated tools. It will provide a never-ending adventure for your children! They use it internally or externally. Ladders provide a safe and easy challenge for children.


Material: plastic
Packing size: 81x36x21cm / 31.88×14.17×8.26in
Package weight: 5000g / 11.02lbs
Suitable for: 2-8 years old
Color: Green
Maximum load: 60kg/132lbs

Package Content:
1x 4 in 1 children’s slide Trojan set