Husband’s role during pregnancy – How should I treat my pregnant wife?

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December 30, 2020
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Husband’s role during pregnancy – How should I treat my pregnant wife?

Welcome & congratulations from partnership to parenthood!!

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey and a dream for every couple to have their own children. It is an exciting yet overwhelming experience for both partners. Therefore it requires a teamwork and good support system from both partners to make the pregnancy time peaceful and stress free.

Husband’s support plays a major role during pregnancy, every woman goes through many changes, physically, mentally and emotionally. This is the time when she needs extra care & affection from her husband. A wife who feels helped by her husband during and after pregnancy may feel happier and less stressed. However, men are really willing to help their wives during pregnancy but sometimes don’t know how to treat their pregnant wives.

Educate yourself

if you are a first time parent or been through this before still learn and educate yourself, read about pregnancy- related books, magazines and articles on the internet to learn how you can make things easier for her. There are many books available on Pregnancy- related topics in general but the one I can recommend is the classic one is ‘What to expect when You’re Expecting: It is a good guide to follow with other interesting practical ideas to help both of you.

Show Empathy

Every pregnant woman deals with anxiety and unknown fears during pregnancy. She may feel low and can throw tantrums on small issues. Be patient with her fluctuating hormones in her body. Don’t lose your cool and show empathy and give assurance that she is not alone and you are always there to console her, listen to her and provide her comfort in all possible ways.

Doctor Appointments / Follow up checkups

It is a normal routine during pregnancy to visit hospital on monthly basis for doctor checkups or follow up appointments to see the progress and the child growth scans /tests etc. sometimes it is not possible for the husband to accompany his wife on every visit but make sure you are available when she feels nervous or if there is an important appointment or scan day just be there to support your wife. She would feel comfortable in your presence. Especially on scan day this would be the treat for both of you to hear a baby’s heart beat for the first time or a moving baby inside the womb through scans/ultrasound which will be a lifetime memory for both of you.

Healthy lifestyle

A healthy diet during pregnancy is best for both the mother and fetus. Encourage her to develop a healthy life style. Be a role model by picking up the right food choices to motivate her. This is a good time to start a healthy diet. Put up a timer to ensure her supplements on time. Give some extra nap time and good night’s sleep. Encourage her to increase her water intake to stay hydrated. Also adding some exercises will help to stay fit and fresh and create a strong bond between both of you.

Share the work load

Maintaining a good balance in house chores is a great favor you can do for your wife: this is indeed a tough job for a pregnant woman to manage home, children along with her pregnancy all alone. Help her by sharing the work load. Make weekly schedule for cleaning and cooking. Meal planning with simple & quick cooking can be effective and saves a lot of time for both of you. Give her some breaks or day offs from her daily routine to give some extra rest and relief.
In this way you both will be burden free and spend some quality time with each other to maintain sanity.

Treat your wife special

Last but no least pamper your wife as much as you can to make her feel special that you love her and she still looks beautiful throughout her pregnancy. Plan some interesting activities, watch a movie together, her favorite books go out for a walk, plan a dinner date, List down baby essentials for shopping together, plan a nice baby shower , buy chocolates and flowers with small with some small cute gentle reminders that you are happy with her and still feels lucky to have her in your life. All she needs some little extra care and love during her pregnancy.

That’s how you can treat your pregnant wife during pregnancy. She will always remember this as a beautiful memory of her married life.

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